Freshmen 15


Let’s talk about the freshmen 15. Unfortunately, it’s not a joke. My freshman year of college I gained atleast 20 pounds.   Between meals and late night snacking while studying, it catches up to you. So I want to give you some pointers on how to beat it. I am a junior now and I am proud to say that I lost those 20 pounds that I had gained and I’ve lost almost 35 pounds now! I’m not a pro but I’ve learned some things.

First, go to the gym! The good thing about Gardner-Webb is that you have a full membership to suttle wellness center. You can work out on the machines, play a pickup game of basketball, do some stretching and yoga in the studio or even enjoy free swim with friends. You have options! Suttle is a short walk or drive from your room so no excuses :)

Now for eating. Just watch what you eat and try smaller portions. I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. The caf has a full salad bar and a full bar with fruit and yogurt so it’s easy to make good eating choices. I know Cookout is good but try not to eat it all the time. I have a friend who eats it every single night. Probably not the best choice. Lol.

Lastly, water!! Drink lots of water. My friends pick on me because my favorite thing in the caf is the hydration station. They have 3 different flavors of water flavored with fresh fruit. I’m talking about iced cold strawberry, lemon, mint, and orange water. It’s actually really good! Most people don’t even notice it, and I had an athlete personally thank me for showing him the station.



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The professors at Gardner-Webb are worthy of their own blog entry. One thing that’s different about Gardner-Webb from other schools is the professors. Just the other day my religion professor invited our whole class over for dinner. When my father passed away last october, I had so many emails from professors I didn’t even have classes with telling me they were thinking of me and praying for me. My spanish professor shared with me her story about her own father passing away and she helped me through it. The professors here are one of kind and they make you feel like one of a kind also. They take time to get to know you on a personal level and they care about you. It sure makes classes a lot easier to attend ;)

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Let’s talk about Majors for a minute. What they don’t tell you coming into college is that you will start off totally lost about what you want to major in. This doesn’t always end your freshman year either. Here I am a junior and I just switched my major for a third time. It happens. But it’s okay. That’s what you have to remember. I have a friend who has switched his major 6 times. That seems like a lot but sometimes college can be confusing. There’s so many majors and minors and possibilities to pursue that you end up getting overwhelmed and confused and not sure what to pick.

The thing to remember in college is to pursue something you love to do. Something you’re good at and enjoy. At the end of the day, you could be making a lot of money but you may be miserable. Aim for happiness, not riches. Even if it takes 8 major changes to find that happiness… I promise it will be worth it.

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Southern words

Since being here in the south, I have learned that Southerners talk FAR different than us Boston City Slickers. Actually, southerners talk far different than any other people I know. So for your amusement, and mine, I decided to write out some southern terms that are just bonkers to me. Here goes nothing

1. Buggy

Back home, we call the thing you push around in a store and put your stuff in a “carriage” or a “shopping cart.” A buggy for us is a horse and buggy. Seems like we have it flipped.

2. Ya’ll

Yeah no. It’s you guys, dudes, anything but ya’ll.

3. Bless Her Heart

I actually hate this phrase. I’ve heard some girls say the MEANEST things about someone else but they end the insult with “bless her heart” and pretend they’re being nice. It’s awful!

4. Fixing

The first time I heard this I was so confused. I was putting stuff into my storage unit when the man said he was “fixing to leave.” For us we would say we were getting ready to leave. Not fixing to. Why are we fixing? Nothing’s broken.


If I think of anything else I’ll let you know.


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Let’s talk about randomness at Gardner-Webb. This is my favorite thing about college and especially Gardner-Webb. You’ll see that most of your college career and favorite memories will be spent on spontaneous and random moments. Random cookout runs, trips to Walmart at 2am on saturday, late night study sessions in Tucker where you get so overwhelmed you just start dancing and singing like an idiot. Yes, this is college. Weird and random things happen but they make for the best memories.

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City Girl Meets Southern Football

I love football. I used to watch my friends play in middle school and I went to my brothers high school games on friday nights. But football takes on a whole new meaning in the south. Football is huge in boston but more for NFL. In the south high school and college ball make weekends. All over twitter and face book you see pictures before games, during the games and the parties thrown after games. I didn’t know what real tailgating was until I came to the south. If I could describe a typical Saturday in the south I’d say it involves football, a lot of fried food, sweet tea, and big hair. I don’t want to stereotype cause I know that’s not how it is for EVERYONE, but I’ve seen it A LOT. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just interesting. Southerners love their sweet tea and football. It’s been fun being a part of these football days though. I love hearing debates on whether Duke or Carolina is the best team. And even I can admit that nothing beats the roar of the crowd on a saturday during the football game with the dawgs scoring a touch down in the end zone. I live for these southern football games. IMG_9913 IMG_9955 IMG_9972

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Gardner-Webb is beautiful. That’s one thing I absolutely love about this school is how pretty it is. I have noticed the beauty since day one, but it’s awesome seeing other people catch on to it. Sometimes I’ll be walking to class with a friend and they’ll say “Wow… we have a really pretty campus.” This past week I took senior pictures of my roommate and her boyfriend. While walking around the lake my roommate said, “I never realized how beautiful our campus was.” Her senior year she finally stopped and looked around. A tip? Stop. Look around. Appreciate the beauty that is around you. Once you actually start looking, you will see things you missed before.

As for me. I love to look and truly see. My absolute favorite thing about Gardner-Webb is the football stadium at night. Lay down on the track and look up at the stars on a warm September night. I promise it will take your breath away.

20131028-160109.jpg 20131028-160043.jpg IMG_6903

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City Girl Meets Mountain World

My fall break in the mountains was so fun. I spent the day traveling along the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopping at overlooks along the way. It was so pretty seeing all of the trees changing colors. The views were breath taking. We spent the night at a little Inn in a town called Little Switzerland. I couldn’t stop laughing at the cuteness of this town. You really felt like you were in Switzerland with the mountains in the background. It was a community of elderly people and the restaurant at the inn was $30 a plate and they were serving things like Lamb and Duck. We went to a cheaper buffet. Lol. But all in all it was a good fall break. I carved my first pumpkin and I watched The Waterboy and White Chicks for the first time and of course, I went to Switzerland ;)

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Fall Break Adventures

Well, it’s fall break. And instead of staying on campus I am going to the mountains with my friend and her mom. I’ve heard people talk about how pretty the Blue Ridge Parkway is during the fall, so I get to experience it today. I’m excited to see all the leaves changing and getting to hike up mountains and get some awesome pictures :) I’ll be sure to post some pictures and tell you how the trip goes. image

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“Don’t you hate being so far from home?”

I get the question all the time. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked that question since I came to North Carolina. People always ask me how I came to Gardner-Webb and they always ask “don’t you hate being so far from home?”
The answer is no. Do I ever miss home? Of course I do. Like any college student I miss my family and my puppies and my own bed (cause the dorm beds are comfortable but, you know.) You see, the reason I don’t miss home is because Gardner-Webb has become a second home for me. During the year I only go home for Christmas Break and part of Spring Break. So during the other breaks like fall break, Easter and Thanksgiving, I stay at the Webb. Most people don’t understand it. They tell me to go home with them or try to go home. But honestly, I enjoy my breaks. It does get a little boring sometimes, and buying food is a pain for a broke college kid but it’s those breaks that have made me fall in love with Gardner-Webb: with home.
Transferring in to Gardner-Webb was the easiest thing I have ever done. Something that would normally be scary or nerve racking was easy. Right off the bat everyone was warm and welcoming. Southern hospitality at it’s finest. I started making friends right away and getting to know people. Classes started and I had a routine set, an awesome dorm room and awesome friends. People back home wonder how I can go to school in a little one stoplight town in North Carolina, but I’ve found a home here. I’ve found a small town in North Carolina where big things are happening. And to be honest, I feel pretty blessed to be apart of those things. Do I miss home? Sure. But I am home. image


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