SGA Exec Training

Yesterday, we had our SGA executive training. We had it in Asheville and began the adventure at 1:30 in the Spangler parking lot. Our amazing adviser, Stephanie Capps, found this place called the book exchange. The first stop. Here we planned a bit of next year and analyzed strengths and weaknesses of SGA. We also each picked a book title that described a fellow person… What else are you supposed to do when you are surrounded by a bunch of books?! “The Impressionist”

We then had dinner at Pacs Tavern and then enjoyed a treat from the chocolate lounge. It was a really nice adventure and time together. It was fun and beneficial. Asheville is a really cool place. I am real excited for next year and serving as Vice President. It will be good. IMG_5865-1


IMG_5875Ashley Harris is the current President. This was the first person I ever met from Gardner Webb… on skype. Who knew we would be such great friends today? She is one incredible human being. Ashley is graduating in May, and my goodness I am going to miss her.

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I am a fall moderator for the FB page of the incoming class. “I am looking for a roommate” is the the most common post I read on the page. Understandably so, your roommate is such an critical part of your college experience!

My roommate experience has been fantastic!  We plan on rooming together all four years. The first time we met was on August 17th, 2012. We had dinner with our parents at Outback. Her name is Caitlyn and she is a sophomore, ASL major, from Virgina Beach. I love her!

I went back and read my first interactions with my current roommate. We both introduced ourselves over Facebook, and these are some of the things we included. Now looking back over two years, these are still questions that I think are important to ask, and answer, a potential roommate.

Yes, the whole thing is a weird, once in a lifetime, experience. It kind of feels like online dating. But be honest and know it is worth your time to consider these things.

- What kind of music you like? Any TV shows, sports interests? What do you like to do for fun and in your free time? It is good to have some things in common.
– What do you plan to major in? What would you like to do with your life? This is the reason your going to college ;) Any ideas of what you want to be involved with when you get here?
– Perspective on college. Are you looking forward to or dreading college? Why did you choose Gardner Webb?
– Where are you from? How often you plan on going home? Do you plan on staying on campus a lot? Will you have a job?
– How often do you think cleaning needs to be done? Are you a person that lives with clutter or do you need to room to be neat everyday.
– Gardner Webb does have visiting hours and some rules. What’s your stance on people visiting and being in the room? What is your relationship status, history?
– What time do you wake up and go to bed? Night owl or early bird. How often do you study? 

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Spring Break

I went to Israel! It was my first international trip. Going to Israel has been a dream for a while, and it finally came true! Let me tell you… it was amazing, overwhelming, beautiful, and exhausting.

I ate delicious food, prayed at the western wall, rode a camel, walked where Jesus walked, took a boat ride on the sea of Galilee, stayed the night in Jerusalem, met amazing people, floated in the dead sea… and that is not even begin to scratch the surface of everywhere I went.

If you ever get the chance, GO!IMG_5122 IMG_5123 IMG_5121 IMG_4959 IMG_4944-1 IMG_4937 IMG_4939 IMG_4940 IMG_4941 IMG_4944 IMG_4948 1381584_10101340008100378_1224913696_n

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This month, I had the wonderful privilege of serving as an interviewer for the University Fellows Scholarship competition. I was on committee B with Dr. Stepp and Dr. Hartman. I absolutely loved meeting each fantastic, prospective student. However, it was also one of the absolute hardest decisions ever to rank fantastic individuals.  This task, truly impossible…

During this process, I learned a lot from you. This is a list of some wisdom that you guys shared with us.  I am excited for each of your lives and the great things you will do.

There is nothing extraordinary about me except for the fact that I said, ‘yes’ to an extraordinary God.

I learn to pursue my God everyday.

You can’t worship Jesus effectively when you only acknowledge part…

Pain can bring people together.

Love everyone and expect nothing in return.

The journey I am on will be decided by the sovereign Creator and Ruler

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover; you have no idea what their home life is.

Always do your best, and you will have no regrets.

What a privilege education is! It should not something that we take for granted.

Learn to be who you are.

I don’t know what job I want, but I do know what kind of person I want to be.

God’s will is going to work out. Flow in how He works it out.

Cry. Eat some ice cream. God still loves me.

Keep it Simple. Love them. He changes.

Everything has to work out, or else it is not over.

Don’t take anything for granted.

Take one day at a time. Be kind.

Life, it goes on.

Do what is right when no one is looking. That is what matters. Try to do what is right.

All people have something in common.

Take time to do what needs to be done.

Play the hand delt rather than let the hand play you.

IMG_3937 IMG_3967

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One day it is icy and 10 degrees the next day it is sunny and in the 70s.
I choose to embrace them both!

I might say the river was really cold… Just like the snow. Not really my wisest choice. However. I do not regret it.



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Speech & Tests

8:00 AM Communication Theory Test
The first test of any class is always the most challenging. This was the first one.

9:25 AM SGA Speech
I ran for Executive Vice President of the Student Government and gave a speech in front of the whole student body.

Running on 4 hours of sleep and not really practicing or studying. Lets just say these two events back to back could have gone much better. I did not do my best at all. However, in the end, I am the Vice President, and I got a 100 on the exam. My professor was generous. Very generous. I was also running unopposed. But hey, I have been told, college is a safe place to fail sometimes. Life is a lot, but it is good, and it goes on.  We are human and not perfect.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.34.45 PMIMG_4054-1

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Thursday night of the great snow storm. My good friends and I all had a sleepover in Decker. With all the classic girl sleepover things that event entails. We talked and giggled. We made prank calls, laughed, played truth or dare, painted nails, ate junk food, watched a movie, made a big breakfast…. The whole nine yards. It was FUN.
IMG_3985Thankful for these ladies and my friendship with them. One that is of great depth as well as sincere joy and silliness.

You are never to old for sleepovers.

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Snow Days

5-day weekend! Friends, it is has been BEAUTIFUL. Snow days rock

Tuesday: Not one snow flake is on the ground, yet the announcement is made. Campus is Closed! Screams erupt from the halls. No school! We watch Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Wednesday: I drive to Ingles. Pancakes are a necessity on a snow day. Milk, Eggs, Butter, Batter. Chocolate chips too.  Snowball fight on the quad at four. Then football on the practice soccer fields.  Sledding in laundry baskets. Then the best… it is mac and cheese in the caf day! WAhOO!  Then 8 of my friends had a sleepover in Decker.

Thursday: We woke up, then made breakfast together. Chocolate Chip and Cream Cheese pancakes, eggs, and bagels. It was so so fun. Then went back to my dorm and made snowman and sledding all over again. Snow day number 3. The snow was beginning to melt, and the roads were rivers.

Friday: Classes started at 11:00am So, I had accounting for 30 minutes. So sweet freedom then yet again. No school for me! I am a fan of snow days.

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Dear College Applicant,

It is that time! The time to choose a college. I remember those months, and let me tell you, I am glad it is over. You will be too. Let me also remind you, it will all work out wonderfully.

I have had the privilege of being on a interview committee for University Fellows and the flashbacks most definitely happened! To the hours spent on college applications… To that pros and cons lists. To it being the question everyone asks you about…. To it always being in the back of your mind…. To the interviews and scholarship applications… To the waiting… and to the decision.

There are a few things I wish I had known during that time.

So Dearest College Applicant,
1. College is what you make it. No matter where you go!
Your attitude towards wherever you are, makes all the difference. If you want to party, you will. If you want to grow in faith, you will. If you want to learn academically, you will.  College is what you make it. You decide. Be intentional with what you pursue.
2. There is not always a right or wrong decision. It is not a black or white decision. If you choose college over A, over college B. Life is not going to fall apart! Every school has its pros and cons. Just own up to them, make the best of them.
3. It is not forever. This decision does not have to be your next FOUR YEARS. It is not final… really. Now, it is important to have that perspective in mind, but You can always transfer. It is not permanent.  Now, this DOES not mean, “Oh I will give this one place a chance,” yet, you dream about the other one all the time, and do not really attempt to find your spot. No, give wherever you choose a fair chance. Dive in! No college is for everyone; that is impossible. So if it does not work out, it does not mean anything is wrong with you, or that you even made the wrong choice.
4. It all works out. It will all work out. Remember that! Enjoy this season of options. It is exciting! You are senior, make the most of this year. It is a sweet time. Pray and follow where you have peace. In a year you will look back and laugh.

Hope this helps a bit.

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A critical part of the college student’s life…. Netflix. We love our Netflix.

Now, obviously Netflix is a wonderful aspect of anyone’s life! I mean hundreds of TV series to watch at ANYtime with few commercials. Dreamy.  However, a sweet treat of watching shows in college life, is that there are almost always friends watching the same shows. You ALWAYS have someone to watch a movie, show, or game with. If you do not in that moment, there is always someone to talk about it with later. You do not experience these things alone. It is fun!

I just finished watching the series LOST and spent multiple conversations in the caf at dinner time talking about that with two other friends. My roommate and her boyfriend are watching How I met Your Mother together. Three of my great guy friends are all watching Law and Order.  These characters become a part of your life.

There are also really great shows out right now… Sherlock, Modern Family, Downton Abbey, Revenge, White Collar, The Bachelor. There is a group of about 10 girls that watch Downton every Sunday night together on Decker 2. There are three of my friends, and we watch every episode of Downton and Revenge every week. It is great and such a nice break in a school week.

So yep. Netflix, TV, and friends. Crucial part of a quality college escape. afterlight

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