In Loving Memory of Ariane

Earlier this week, tragedy struck our campus as we lost one of our dearest students to an unexpected episode of heart failure during class.

Ariane Patterson was well known here in the Gardner-Webb family for her bright smile, encouraging spirit, and heart for serving Christ.

I had several classes with Ariane, and my fondest memories of her all involved music of some kind.  I write songs, and when Ariane found out, we bonded because of this common love.  She was a very talented rapper, and I had every intention of having her freestyle on the next thing I recorded (even though my music is far from hip-hop :)  She was just that good.  We also shared some very impressive dance skills in the classroom and during formal.

Another thing I will never forget about her was during a night of The Verge when the mic was open for testimonies.  Ariane got up in front of all of her peers and shared her heart with no censors.  I was absolutely in awe of her transparency and the light of God that shone through her.

Ariane will be greatly missed by many.  Pray for her family and our campus during this time of mourning.

Here’s a song she might’ve wanted to be put along with this post.

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