Gardner-Webb Formal

Here at Gardner-Webb, student activities does a great job of planning lots of events for students to enjoy. One such event is the annual Gardner-Webb University Formal. This is a lot like Prom night for high schoolers, but open to the entire University and it comes with a lot less pressure. You can go to formal wearing a floor length ball gown or a frilly sundress. This year’s theme was vintage carnival, so the dresses were not to be outdone!

Many students do their fair share of picture taking for the event in all of the usual picture-taking locations: in front of the lake, the Gardner-Webb sign, and the rose garden. Outback and Olive Garden are usually filled with students. Upon our trip to Olive Garden, there were already three other groups from Gardner-Webb and we ran into a couple more on our way out.

To mix things up a little this year, my friends and I made a trip over to the Gaffney entertainment outlet for a round of bowling before hitting the formal. This girl right here came in dead last with a whopping 47 points. That’s right, be jealous.

Upon entering formal, we knew right away that student activities had done a fantastic job with the planning. There was a merry-go-round set up outside, a photo booth, cotton candy machine, and a flame-throwing juggler!

What made the night the best, however, were the good times that were had with friends that act like family here at Gardner-Webb. It’s a night that will truly be remembered forever. Here are some pictures from the night:

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Positive Psychology

As a psych major, there are lots of different electives to take within my major courses, all of which are really interesting. This semester, I took a Positive Psychology course with Dr. Morgan, and it didn’t disappoint. The course is all about looking at people’s strengths and applying them into everyday life to take a more positive approach to living. We have studied things like how to be happy, how to be mindful, what kinds of work environments produce the best workers, and what it means to show kindness.

As part of the course, the students had to split up into different groups to create a project in which we spread something we learned to the campus of Gardner-Webb. My group focused on spreading happiness. We let students make bandanna bracelets to serve as a reminder to be happy and we created a Twitter account to spread positive thoughts to our followers. The project turned out to be a success, and we had a lot of fun applying what we had learned in a positive way.

I am so thankful for a University full of professors that really want their students to take what they have learned beyond the classroom to be able to see how it is applicable to life. I’m also thankful that Gardner-Webb offers such an interesting course that has been so beneficial to my life not just in the realm of academia, but in the realm of quality of life. Thanks, Dr. Morgan!



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Call Center Crazies

If you are a prospective student, you’ve probably received one or more phone calls from students like me asking you to send us your high school transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, or even encouraging you to register for one of our events. Some of our students get together for a couple nights each week to make these calls.

Every now and then, we call center folks like to have a little fun. Here’s what I walked into last night when I went into work:

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This little setup was created by my friend Collin who wanted to liven things up a little for our last call center of the semester! We like to have fun at work, and I’m grateful to work in an office that allows a little fun on the job. Just remember that when you receive a call from one of us, we are students just like you who like to have fun and enjoy life. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything about life here at Gardner-Webb!

iPhone 070 iPhone 071 iPhone 072

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Feeling like a kid again

The Spring season is one of my favorite times of the year. From flowers blooming, weather warm enough to wear tank tops and sundresses, and the thought that Summer is nearing is an exciting one. Last weekend was Easter break. It was much needed and went by way to fast, but it was a good reminder that Summer is just three weeks away!

It is tradition in my family to have an egg hunt every Easter. This has been going on ever since I can remember. I was booted from being an Easter egg hunter to being an Easter egg hider several years back when I became a little too old to hunt, but several new cousins were born into the family to keep the tradition going.

This year however, I got to be a kid again. My aunt wanted to try a new tradition where each kid hunted only a certain color of eggs. Yes, it’s a Pinterest idea designed to make sure every kid gets to hunt an equal number of eggs because we now live in a society that encourages everyone that they are a winner. But that’s okay, because I was able to relive my childhood. My aunt had too many colors of eggs vs. the number of little kids, so to multiply the fun, I got to get out there and hunt with my baby cousins.

It was a nice way to look back on fun times and a good reminder that just because I’m growing up, and I’m almost a senior in college, I can still be a little kid at heart.


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This week marked a momentous occasion in the life of a Gardner-Webb student. The first week of not having Dimensions!

Dimensions is a weekly assembly of sorts for Gardner-Webb students that is held every Tuesday morning at 9:25. There are about 16-18 per semester, and each student is only required to attend 10 of them. In addition, each student is required to attend Dimensions for 6 semesters. If you attend Dimensions like you are supposed to, you don’t have to attend your senior year.

Dimensions is often very interesting because the school brings in inspirational speakers from all walks of life. Coaches, artists, musicians, comedians, etc…

While I can look back on my time in Dimensions as rewarding, the end of this era does have one very big implication…. Senior year is approaching!!

In just 5 short weeks, I will have completed 3 years of undergraduate study and the “real world” everyone talks about will be that much closer! All of the hard work that has gone into the last three years will be coming to a close with the pinnacle that is the great and highly idealized Senior year of college. Here’s to a year of only 12 hour semesters and hanging on to every precious moment to come!

photo (10)

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Staying Connected

For those of you that are high school seniors, you may be freaking out a little bit about all that is up ahead of you for the next few months. Graduation, summer jobs, and moving away to college. At the forefront of some of your minds is the thought that you may be losing some of your best friends in just a few short months.

Admit it, the thought has crossed your mind. You already have plans to go to the beach with your friends for one last hoo-rah, you’ve already calculated the miles that will separate you and how much time it will take you to travel them, and you’ve already promised each other 10,000 times that you’ll be best friends forever.

This is completely normal. Everyone fears that they will lose their best friends if they are attending different colleges or if one of them isn’t attending college at all. However, I’m here to say that it IS possible to maintain those valuable friendships.

My best friend from high school ended up not going to college. She actually got married during my freshman year and moved to Mississippi. I didn’t know how we would keep up our friendship, but after three years of missing out on each other’s daily lives, we can still pick up right where we left off as if nothing has changed.

In fact, my friend Jordan was finally able to come and spend the weekend with me here at Gardner-Webb and experience what it is like to be a college student. We had a blast, and now she knows what it’s like for me here at school.

My friend, Jordan, and I during a fun-filled weekend at Gardner-Webb.

My friend, Jordan, and I during a fun-filled weekend at Gardner-Webb.

Remember, your friendships are valuable, and if they are meaningful to you, you will find a way to maintain them. Weekend trips are great, and Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring and Summer breaks are always great for catching up. Keep in mind though, wherever you are, choose to be all there. Be fully committed to wherever you are attending school and trust that those friendships will be there when you need them.

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For Narnia!

Last week was an exciting one for Gardner-Webb! All week long, showings of Gardner-Webb’s own “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” were in full-swing. The cast and crew had been working hard on this production since February, and all of their hard work was evident in the show! I was so excited to see the show because this is probably the largest-scale production Gardner-Webb has ever taken on.


The theater department does a wonderful job at putting on various productions year-round here at Gardner-Webb, with their major production taking place each spring.

This screen helped with the numerous scene changes.

This screen helped with the numerous scene changes.

From the extremely beautiful make-up to the acting of everyone on the cast, this show was a great time for all who attended. I was really impressed with the younger actors especially. The kids who played Edmond and Lucy had so many lines to memorize, and they didn’t miss a beat! I can’t forget the kid who played the Witch’s dwarf/sleigh driver. He was so into his character that he ended up being my favorite!

Keep an eye out for future productions, because this department can’t be beat!

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The SAT is a term that all high schoolers are all-too familiar with. If you want to go to college, the SAT is a must. Algebra, geometry, reading comprehension, and writing. All of these things are essential to doing well. Whenever a senior has decided to take the SAT for the last time, an eternal weight is lifted off of their shoulders. But there’s one thing they don’t tell you.

You have to take another test if you want to go to Grad school…

Yes, its the GRE. You may be thinking, “Why would I go four years to school, only to go another few years in more school?” In today’s world, there are many people who go to college, so in order to stand out, another degree is often a necessity.

I had my first experience with the GRE on Saturday. Intimidating as it can be, here are a few tips that can help you with any big test, whether it be the SAT or the GRE:

1. Take a practice test. It really does help to understand how the test works. You’ll be better able to pace yourself and you won’t be as intimidated by the unknown.
2. Eat breakfast and get a good sleep. Yes, these are cliche. Yes, these are important.
3. Realize that your worth is not determined by the results. You got a perfect score?! Great for you! You didn’t do so hot? Try better next time! Either way, you are not defined by this number. Realize that your future is what you make it, and everything will turn out alright!


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The first win of the season…

Well folks, after three years here at Gardner-Webb, my friends finally convinced me to join their intramural indoor soccer team. I’ve been avoiding their request for so long, but this year, I finally decided to cave…

Let me preface this by saying that I have not one athletic bone in my body. Coordination is zero for me. Needless to say, I was really nervous about getting out there and trying to play.

Fast forward to our first game of the season! We rounded out the games for the night, beginning at 9:45, and within the first 5 minutes, I had already fallen to the ground. In my defense though, it was in an effort to stop a girl from the other team from scoring, and we collided. Nevertheless, I got back up and I actually got more comfortable with the game as it went on.

5 of our 7 teammates!

5 of our 7 teammates!

After two, 20 minute halves, our team actually pulled out a victory for our first game of the season! Here’s to hoping our “let’s go out there and have fun” mentality pays off like that in the future!

photo (7)

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Alpha Chi conference, St. Louis, MO!

Last weekend was a full of fun when Gardner-Webb’s Alpha Chi Honor’s society took 13 students, led by our fearless leader, Dr. Hobbs, to St. Louis, Missouri for a conference.


Let me tell you guys, I have never been as proud of my school as I was when I was in St. Louis. Gardner-Webb was kicking butt at this conference before student presentations had even begun!

At the Friday morning meeting for region III (Gardner-Webb falls in this region geographically), one of Gardner-Webb’s very own students were elected as the student representative to the national council. He ran against 5 other students for this single spot, gave a great speech, and took the title! At that very same meeting, it was announced that one of our students had won a scholarship based on a paper she had submitted before reaching St. Louis!

Then the presentations started…

Alpha Chi decided to host a collaborative research project competition this year. The only requirements were that the project must have dealt with water, no more than 5 students were allowed per team, and 3 majors needed to be represented. Once again, Gardner-Webb swept the competition, and our 5 researchers won $1000 each!

To top it all off, another student won a scholarship for one of her papers and two of our students won best presentation prize for their discipline. All of this goes to show just how awesome my school is and how my #gwupride is soaring to new heights.

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