Beautiful Days!

The past few days here in Boiling Springs have been FANTASTIC!  It’s hard to stay inside on the computer because all I want to do is get outside!  I love to lay out in the sun, go for a walk, go fishing, or cook out!  Also, you all know it’s nearing the end of the semester and I am experiencing senioritis baddddd!  But I’m trying really hard to push through these last few week until graduation!

Hope you all are getting out and enjoying the weather too!

Tara :)



Trying to accomplish some work while enjoying this beautiful day!

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Fun Part of Spring Break!


So I am definitely a huge supporter of the Big South conference and my GWU Runnin’ Bulldogs! (Nothing can ever replace your alma mater!) However, my entire life I have grown up a Carolina Tar Heels fanatic!  Well, since I spent some of my spring break studying, I decided it was okay for me to take a break and enjoy some fun!  So…my boyfriend got us tickets to the ENTIRE ACC tournament in Greensboro.  It was such a great experience!  The atmosphere is second to none and I’ve now seen all the current ACC teams play live!  How cool is that?  Just wish I could have cheered my Heels to victory :(  Oh well…maybe next year!

Enjoy these pics!

Carolina huddle!


Walking in!

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Am I Excited About Spring Break?

Well, this week is Spring Break!  But you know what I have been doing?  Gone to the beach?  Relaxing?  Reading a good book?  Cruising with the windows down?  No. None of these.  My spring break has been full of studying :(  Yes, STUDYING!  Because I am graduating this May, I have begun the application process for graduate school Yep I’m a nerd and would like to stay in school forever and so one of the criteria is “satisfactory scores on the GRE or MAT,” which are tests needed to prove your smarts for grad school, more or less.  Basically its a SAT on steroids.  So this week I have spent day and night studying…

BUT check back later this week because I have a feeling the end of Spring Break is going to be MUCH, MUCH more exciting! :)

Here is a look through my eyes for the past few days..

Just try to read some of these words! Let alone understand them!


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As we approach midterms and lean towards the end of the school year I can’t wait! all of the different groups on campus are ready to display what they have worked on all semester long!  Last night I went to see the Handbell choir, a Jazz Ensemble, and the Concert Choir (which is the audition group on campus)!  It was a great concert!  If you are at all interested in singing with the Music Department at GWU, you should audition for Concert Choir!  This year they are going on tour over Spring Break to D.C. and back down through Raleigh performing along the way.  Tell your admissions counselor if you are interested in any of these groups so that you can get further information!  Our School of Visual and Performing Arts is amazing!

Tara :)

Concert Choir and Dr. Etter - Director

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Does Undergraduate Research Interest You?

Dr. Susan Lane presenting on Decision Making in Adolescents Enrolled in the Nurse-Family Partnership

Gardner-Webb has so many great things to offer, and especially in the way of academics!  Upon entry into GWU, I had no idea how challenged I would be in my professional goals.  One area, however, that I unfortunately did not get to be a part of was the Undergraduate Research department.  There are not a lot of institutions that allow funding and opportunities for undergrad students to conduct their own research, so it’s pretty awesome!  Every year, GWU hosts the Life of the Scholar-Multidisciplinary Conference which allows students and faculty an opportunity to present their research and show off all of their hard work.  I had the privilege of being a moderator at the conference this year meaning I was, a sort of emcee if you will, keeping the day running and introducing the presentations.  I got the good end of the deal and was able to listen and observe a variety of the presentations!  What a great experience!  I was so impressed by the caliber of work that was presented and also proud to be learning under faculty members that are still conducting research and furthering their fields of study!  I would totally recommend this to anyone who is interested!

Tara :)

Several of our Psychology Students presenting on a variety of topics!

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BrassFest 2013!

Brass Choir performing! See me on the far right?!

This past Friday was BrassFest 2013 for Gardner-Webb University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts!  Every year we host this day in order to promote our brass and percussion departments to potential students.  Middle and high school students are invited to sit in on what we music people call masterclasses.  They get a mini-lesson with some of our brass and percussion faculty!  Then, at the end of the day some of our Gardner-Webb brass groups perform!  This year, the trumpet ensemble, the brass choir (which I play in), and the brass quintet played for all of our guests!  The funniest part of the day was when the trumpet ensemble performed a piece that was arranged by one of our very own students, Ty Sheets!  They sang more than they played!  I had no idea they were all so talented ;)

Until next time!

Tara :)


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My Tuesday Nights.

My view for worship last night!

I want to share with you one of my most FAVORITE things about Gardner-Webb student life.  The Verge!  It takes place every Tuesday night and is a completely student-led time of worship for our students.  It is the perfect mid-week pick-me-up that a lot of students need amidst a busy schedule of tests, homework, and sports.  Students (not faculty) volunteer on a weekly basis to lead in music, prayer, or testimony which is so special to me.  Then, one of our campus ministers will bring some thoughts that I feel are always so relevant and applicable to the lives of college students.  Last night was a little different, though.  Our focus was based on prayer and the components of confession, praise, and thanksgiving.  This was challenging to me, and I so appreciated it during a rough, busy week.  It was just what I needed.  We spent time in prayer after each component was explained and then worshiped in song!  It is so amazing to see God move in a service like last night!  We ended the service in a responsive reading, and wow what a way to end the night :)  I highly suggest that as a student at Gardner-Webb you take the time to get involved in things you believe in so that you will be challenged as an individual!  Can’t wait to see how some of you get involved next year!


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Front of campus!

We got snow in Boiling Springs!!  For those of you from places where you see snow a lot, we don’t here!  So this is big for us!  Also (added bonus) our campus is beauuuuuutiful in the snow!  One of my greatest memories from my years at Gardner-Webb is making snow cream in the dorm with all my friends but this time we didn’t get enough to make any :(  If you’ve never made snow cream, you HAVE to!  It’s snow (of course) mixed with milk and vanilla and sugar!  Its delicious!! Enjoy these pictures of the snow!

Tara :)

On the way to dinner!

My name in the snow!

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Funny Habit.

Okay so this is a completely random blog but I HAD to share it with all of you because I laughed for about 30 minutes yesterday over this!  My brother, who is funny anyways, has a way of making me laugh everyday. (I do have his permission to share this, by the way!)  But, he didn’t really try to make me laugh this time.  I caught him on camera when he wasn’t expecting it!  Nate falls asleep in the car EVERYWHERE we go!  I don’t know how he does it.  It doesn’t matter how loud the music is, how bumpy the road is, or how long the drive is, he sleeps!  So I’ve collected this repertoire of pictures from our various trips!  Enjoy and get a good laugh!

Tara :)



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Today I got to see one of my friends from nursing school!  I met Valerie my sophomore year of college and we really got to know each other nearing the end of our associate’s degree program.  We’ve helped each other with projects, assignments, and studying over the past few years.  We’re also taking some online classes for our bachelor’s degree together so it’s nice to have someone to talk through questions and assignments with!  She’s working full-time as a nurse now and so it’s hard to get our schedules together but today we met at Subway for lunch.  I’ll never be able to really explain the friendships you will make in college but they really will be meaningful and last a lifetime!

Tara :)

Val and I!

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